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Todi, Ltd.

Todi - the Smarter Lock

Todi - the Smarter Lock

Todi is a smart lock, enabled by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies, that allows users to unlock their doors with their smartphones and through a "knocking" feature.
  • Preliminary Design and Technical Specifications

    Drafted preliminary design and confirmed feasibility of technical specifications with Chinese factory.

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To become a reputable leader in the smart homes market, providing homes with security and convenience.

Louisa Lee

Louisa Lee

Position :Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO of Todi, Ltd. Former investment analyst and investment banker.
C.K. Lee

C.K. Lee

Position :Founder and Adviser

Founder and Director of L.C. Industrial since 1974.

Contact Information

Name of Contact Person : Louisa Lee

Email Address :

Telephone : 69233663

Inception Year : 2016

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My Wants

Seeking for funding of HK$100,000 for prototype development and a subsequent HK$2,900,000 for tooling, initial marketing expenses and inventory. Also seeking to hire a technical person on board with mobile application development knowledge.